Taking flight ✈️: Last Session at Amal Academy

I am writing this blog to highlight the memories that I have got from my last session at Amal Academy.

The Amal Career-Prep Fellowship is a three month soft-skills and leadership program designed for full time university students and recent graduates who are starting their professional lives; primarily those that are seeking jobs, internships, or entrepreneurship.

Acceptance, growth, humility, responsibility and honesty. These are the Amal core values; beliefs that guide one’s judgement towards important things in life.

Amal Academy is not an academy or a tuition center: They are an education venture with a vision of changing the education system in Pakistan in order to create lifelong learners, self-starters and problem solvers. To achieve this, our approach is to create a model platform — through our Career Prep Fellowship — that trains over 10,000 students and is eventually integrated into the public university system/curriculum.

Amal Academy is Stanford University-funded venture that helps Pakistani youth develop the professional skills needed to achieve their career dreams. After an intense application, a phone interview, and a selection process that includes activity center and orientation class, I was accepted as one of the selected fellows in batch-181. I had no idea how much I would learn from my experience with the organization in the coming months. Because there was a lockdown in the country and everyone was moving towards the online system. First I thought that perhaps it would be like other online systems in which students don’t show seriousness, but when I joined it was surprisingly different from the other online courses and programs.

This fellowship was very amazing and life-changing for me, I was kind of shy and introverted person and at Amal I meet with a diverse range of people the good thing was all were very positive and they have some goals, we all inspire, uplift and the unforgettable had a great fun with each other. It would be very long story if I started sharing each and every memories that I have had at Amal, So let’s move towards our last session, that was called Taking flight.

Last session:

I started my journey with Amal Academy in March 2021, which came to an end in June 2021. I love the journey with my Amal Fellows. I love the way they talk, express their feelings and create friendly environment.

The attended the last session with my Amal Fellows on 13 June, 2o21. That day, I was excited that I completed the journey and learned a lot of good things. But along all of this, I was sad because it was the last session that I had to attend.

Amal Academy, the platform where I learned a lot, made new connections, got the meaning of my life, would always remain close to my heart. Besides working on your personal growth, I got a chance to work for the social cause such as a donations campaign for Edhi Foundation, a megaproject that helped my circle to build a welfare organization for the final rites of poor people to play a positive role in this society.

Though the last session was quite emotional for us and the time for us to say Goodbye but, it was full of learning and encouragement to move forward in life. Ma’am Namra and Ma’am Umey Aiman have shared beautiful tips and pieces of advice on how to implement all the learnings of Amal in your life to grow in your professional fields. And I believe these were really awesome and going to help me a lot in my future.

In our last Session, we organized the shaadi Theme, in which we did a lot of enjoy. Some Fellows became larki Wala and Some became Larka Wala. We did a lot of enjoy in that shaadi Theme. All of fellows so friendly, that it seems that we were in a family function. I like the way that all of the fellows created a friend environment.

The other amazing activity was the SCAVENGER HUNT game. Where the Entire fellows have to divide into Two Teams. And Every Team has 25 quizzes that have to be solved within 30 minutes. Each Quiz consists of anything which the fellow has to find out and take a selfie and post it. Before the game, they were assuming 30 minutes are too much. But when the game started, everyone started screaming in the Team, I was feeling like I was in the cage of any zoo. But this was a very fun activity. Each Fellow participated in the game and the result came out.

In my Amal journey, I made a lot of new friends, we called it the Amal Family and I would never forget them. These all are so caring, supporting, and motivating individuals who always help you to grow and excel in your life. Let me share my personal experience when I was facing some problems in project work and then I asked my fellow learners to help and they all welcomed and helped me to complete my project work for this week. Especially how I cannot forget my circle and my circle leader who worked as a team and completed the mega project in time.

Through this is the end of this fellowship but actually the start of a new journey. This is a time to implement Amal’s learning and in our lives and I already started implementing these in my lives such as speaking in front of the public, exploring new paths, taking part in a team, punctuality, my values, and principles, especially resume building and in-person CV drop.

Now I am more Excited for the Life Journey and for the Destination by taking these learnings and Memories with me.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to this unique Amal family but we will get in contact by different social media platforms. This is the final boarding call. “Thank you.” It’s time for exchanging Contacts information, wishing the best of luck for future endeavors, and made promises to never be a part. Let’s Go!

“Let your dreams take flight”

Mechanical Engineer